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Niloofar is currently working on her feature film, inspired by her journey to fight cancer and what she has existentially gone through on this battlefield, and how she could cast meaning in her life by recollecting her remembrance; the script is in development.​

Also, she works on a photography series titled Home, inspired by her experience of migration, to portray how being displaced has reshaped the concept of home for her and how she has dealt with her memories and emotions in exile from her homeland. She invites the viewer to participate and explore concepts related to home as a site of origin and belonging and a place where significant memories are located. 


Short Film, 2021.

A WWII veteran is faced with his mother’s horrific suicidal demise upon his arrival at the old family house, which embodies his mom’s presence to him. ​

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In Pursuit of Freedom,
Short Documentary, 2021.

A self-reflexive documentary shows the progression of the women's rights movement in 20th Century Iran.

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Short Film, 2020.

A man who lost his wife, becomes convinced that she is still alive. 


Short Film, 2020.

Based on Virginia Woolf's last letter to her husband. ​

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