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Written by Niloofar Asadi

Genre: Drama

Format: Full length Feature


Feature Film, Script, 2024.

"ROYA" is not merely a personal story; it's a story that touches upon aspects of the human psyche, including isolation, alienation, and displacement, that many migrants and minorities experience. By narrating this story, I aim to expose viewers to the complex intersections of personal and cultural identity that challenge us to reevaluate the values we have built around concepts like Home, belonging, and validation. ​

As a migrant filmmaker living in the diaspora, I have tried to integrate myself into the new society I now call "Home." Yet, the concept of home has still been intertwined with melancholic memories and moments linked to my homeland, which shaped my identity. ​

"ROYA" explores the identity confusion that many migrants, particularly artists who are uprooted, wrestle with—it portrays a distinct moment in human life marked by alienation in contemporary society. "ROYA" captures the duality of hope and despair, embodying the raw emotions of an ambitious migrant grappling with an identity crisis caused by emotional conflicts, a common experience for many.​

By telling Roya's story, I aim to share an unheard voice, representative of many who encounter the complexities of cultural contrasts. Through my lens, I encourage viewers to transcend mere observation and deeply empathize with her struggles and aspirations.

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